Adobe Photoshop Album 1.0 Review

Fix Photo

Photoshop Album also contains a few easy-to-use image 'fix' features. Double click on an image in single view mode or select 'Fix' from the toolbar to enter Fix Photo mode, by default Album will make a copy of the image and add the suffix _edited to it (the original will remain untouched). Single Click Fix allows you to run automatic fixes of color, levels, contrast and sharpening. You can also crop, adjust brightness and contrast, lighting and color saturation.

Single Click Fix of color, levels and contrast in this image (although only color made a noticeable difference)

I was particularly impressed with the red-eye removal function which was easy to use (just place the bounding box around both eyes) and appears to work quite well.

Zoom in and select the area around the eyes then click on 'Apply Red Eye Removal'
The results are generally very good


The creation process starts with selecting one or more images for the basis of the creation. With multiple images selected click on Create or display the creation workspace aa nd drag images from Album into it. You can re-arrange the images in the workspace to be in the required order. From here you can select the type of creation you wish to make.

The simplest thing you can do at this stage is 'Play slideshow' which will start an instant full screen slideshow of images (you can also do this from the main Album window by just selecting some images and clicking on Slideshow). The next option is to order prints online, this wasn't functional in the beta version we had. You can rename or export (described later in this review), output to a web photo gallery, Adobe Atmosphere 3D gallery, e-mail or print.

Starting the 'Creations Wizard' provides access to the seven other creation templates: Album, Slideshow, Video CD, Greeting Card, eCard, Calendar or Photo Book. The steps involved for each are very similar and we will be using a PDF Slideshow in the example below.

Choose the required creation template, in this case 'Slideshow'
Choose the style of slideshow, we'll go with the 'Casual' look
Next customize your slideshow with a title, number of images per page, captions, background music etc.
The fourth step allows you to preview your slideshow, here you can choose to rearrange the photos if they aren't in the best order
Creation complete we can simply click on 'Done' to save the creation without output or we can save as PDF (sample below), Print, E-mail, Burn to a CD or DVD or Order Online (?).

Click here to download this sample PDF Slideshow (597 KB)