Fujifilm X-E2S

16MP X-Trans CMOS Sensor | 2.36M-dot OLED EVF | Film Simulation Modes

What we like:

  • Great image quality
  • Design and handling are good
  • High-res EVF

What we don't:

  • Subject tracking capabilities lag behind competition, as does continuous AF
  • Bad video quality
  • Fixed LCD, not touch-sensitive

The Fujifilm X-E2S is an updated version of the company's mid-range rangefinder-styled mirrorless camera, the X-E2 - a camera which earned a DPReview Gold Award thanks to its solid image quality and user experience. While many of the cameras in this price range are DSLRs, several are mirrorless models with lots of direct controls - just like the X-E2S.

The X-E2S' body is a mix of a magnesium alloy and composite and feels solid in your hand. The grip has grown since the X-E2 and gives the user a lot more confidence. The camera has direct controls for exposure compensation and shutter speed and seven customizable buttons. The X-E2S' EVF is good-sized and has 2.36M dots and very little lag. Its 3" LCD is not touch-enabled and has average resolution for its class.

The camera's color rendition is among our favorites and JPEG image quality is generally very good.

The X-E2S shares its autofocus system with other recent Fujifilm cameras, such as the X-T10. It has 77 contrast-detect and 15 phase-detect points (near the center of the frame) and is generally very responsive. In single-point mode users can select from 49 points, while in wide/zone modes, 77 points are available. The X-E2S handles continuous AF fairly well, though its subject tracking is disappointing. While the camera can shoot at up to 7 fps, its buffer fills quickly, especially with Raw files. The X-E2S is rated at 350 shots per charge, which is reasonable for a mirrorless camera (but DSLRs fare much, much better).

The camera's color rendition is among our favorites and JPEG image quality is generally very good. X-Trans sensors tend to struggle a little bit with fine green detail, so it's not perfect for landscape work, but that’s only a problem if you look obsessively closely or need to make unusually large prints. Raw images capture plenty of detail in shadow areas that can be brightened later.

Video is not the X-E2S' strong point. In fact, the quality is downright poor. There's moiré, smudged details and false color. Tools for capturing video are very limited.

The Fujifilm X-E2S is a fine choice for stills shooters who enjoy a rangefinder design and want solid image quality straight out of the camera. This is not a camera for action photography and video, but for everyday shooting and portraits, the X-E2S is a strong contender.

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