Nikon 1 V3

18.4MP CX-format (1"-type)  CMOS sensor | 20 fps shooting with AF | Built-in Wi-Fi

What we like:

  • Fast, effective AF
  • Small size, light weight
  • Impressive burst rate, with continuous AF

What we don't:

  • Small sensor size doesn’t offer as good image quality as competitors
  • LCD can be hard to see in bright light
  • Expensive kit (in the US)

The Nikon 1 V3 is the flagship mirrorless camera from Nikon. The body features plenty of external controls and programmable custom buttons for easy manual adjustments, and in the USA it is kitted with a removable hand grip, electronic viewfinder and a VR 10-30mm F3.5-5.6 power zoom lens offering a 27-81mm equivalent range. That kit isn't cheap, especially for a camera with a small sensor.

The V3 is built around an 18.4 MP CX-format (1"-type) sensor with on-sensor phase detection. This helps the V3 offer a continuous shooting speed that outpaces all current DSLRs at 20 fps with full autofocus.

"The twin dials, customizable function buttons, and 18MP 1"-type sensor with no AA filter, should be enough to make some advanced shooters give the V3 serious consideration"

Image quality on the other hand, while good for a 1" sensor, is not in the same realm as competitors sporting Four Thirds and APS-C sensors, which are between two and three times larger. So, while the JPEG output looks good when shooting in good light, the Raw files will tend to get pretty noisy, pretty quickly and with less dynamic range that any of its similarly-priced peers.

The camera is also capable of 1080/60p Full HD video and can use continuous AF during video capture. Video quality is good, with punchy colors and good detail. Though for the serious video enthusiasts, the camera has its drawbacks: there is no way to use manual focus when recording, for instance.

It’s also hard to ignore the 1 V3’s incongruously high MSRP compared to its larger-sensor peers, especially in the US, where you have no choice but to buy the complete bundle. Still, the camera can shoot faster bursts than any other camera at the price, it's substantially smaller and also offers some of the best AF performance, as well.

Studio Test Scene | Specifications Compared

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