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Within this category, which includes body-only cameras costing $2000 or more (based on MSRP in the US), you'll find some of the fiercest competitors the camera industry has to offer. This includes cameras with 50 or more megapixels geared perfectly for studio shooters, 4K-capable cameras for serious film makers, and all-arounders that can easily split their time between pro-level still shooting and high-end video capture.

All of the cameras in this price range use full-frame or larger sensors. And while most of the inclusions are DSLRs, there are also several mirrorless options as well. Simply put, there is something here to satisfy just about everyone who is willing to pony up the dough needed. Read through to see what makes this segment so cutthroat, and what innovations are driving this tier forwards at a remarkable pace.

Note: We purposely excluded the Nikon D4s and Canon EOS 1D X from this roundup as we feel the capabilities of both cameras put them in a class of their own.