Zeiss Touit 50mm F2.8 User Reviews

Announced Jan 30, 2014 •
Telephoto macro prime lens | Fujifilm X, Sony E

My girls got me a new lens for father's day (or more accurately, I got myself a new lens yesterday, and will be given an empty box wrapped up as a present tomorrow ;-) ) I wasn't much interested in the Fuji XF 80, because I love my Fuji XF 90 and it's too close in focal length to make sense to carry in the same bag.  I also knew that a big heavy specialist macro lens would likely get left at home a lot (like my Kiron 105/2.8 macro ), so the potential versatility of the Zeiss 50/2.8 macro for ...

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I purchased the lens several weeks ago and am very disappointed. The lens is purported to be a macro  lens so I had high hopes it would serve me well for insect photography. In fact it turns out to be terrible for that purpose the reason being its extreme shallow depth of field at most f stops. To get something like both the back and the feet of a fly in focus you need a hopelessly out of reach f stop of f 22 .  I say hopelessly out of reach because there really is never enough light to ...

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A brief personal view. This is the 8th macro lens I've owned since 1981. For Fuji I've used the 60mm, 80mm and this Zeiss 50mm. All of them have been optically very good, nothing to complain about in any. I rather fancy the 80mm is the sharpest, but it isn't clearly different in real life. The 50mm seems to focus most reliably. The 60 was a bit hit and miss, the 80 a bit better and the 50 seems to me a bit better yet. Not speed, they all seem jolly fast, but accuracy. I do like OIS for field ...

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