Zeiss Digital Cameras and Lenses

Quick info
Established: 1846
Global website: www.zeiss.com
Country: Germany
UK website: www.zeiss.co.uk
German lens maker Carl Zeiss AG is one of the oldest optical companies in the world. It makes a wide range of high quality lenses, including medium format lenses for Hasselblad and Rollei, and large format designs for Sinar, and collaborates with Sony for its premium SLR lenses. Carl Zeiss also produces a range of high quality manual focus lenses to fit Canon, Nikon and Pentax SLR mounts, and M-mount lenses designed for its (Cosina-made) Zeiss Ikon 35mm rangefinder.
Zeiss’s lens range includes a number of premium manual focus primes for Canon, Nikon and Pentax SLRs, and an array of M-mount rangefinder lenses.

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