Venus Laowa 65mm F2.8 2x Ultra Macro APO Q&As

Announced Jan 24, 2020 •
Telephoto macro prime lens | Canon EF-M, Fujifilm X, Leica TL, Nikon Z, Sony E
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Hi, So I am taking some handheld macro shots at the moment and was wondering if I could setup up the camera somehow to stay zoomed in (focus check) while I press the shutter. So I use a dumb manual macro lens (Laowa 65mm, no contact with the camera). I like to use focus check to make sure the right parts are in focus. Because it is a dumb lens this sadly does not work automatically when I turn the focus ring on the lens (at least I assume that is why this does not work, the setting is turned...
I became interested in the Laowa 65mm 2:1 lens after reading about it. Another option that I was considering was 7artisans 60mm which is 1:1. I was wondering what type of differences there are among the lenses especially in terms of image sharpness, but also vignette and distortion. Obviously there's a difference if looking at price. I already have extension tubes so even though the 7artisans doesn't get me to 2:1, with extension tubes it can. Personally, it'd be nice to have 2:1...
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