Venus Laowa 60mm F2.8 2X Ultra Macro Q&As

Announced Jun 23, 2015 •
Macro prime lens | Canon EF, Nikon F (FX), Pentax KAF2, Sony/Minolta Alpha, Sony E
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Hi. I am an enthusiastic macro photographer and have been doing macro for 2 seasons now. First one with a phone camera, then I moved to X-T2 which I love and most of my macro work I did with Laowa 60mm lens, which is quite good for its price. I would however, like to move to a more pro setup- look of my macro photos and I am watching around what kind of a lens to buy. I would like to stick to X-T2 for now, because I don`t want this to be even more huge investment and become I really love the...
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