Tokina AT-X Pro 35mm f/2.8 Macro DX

Macro prime lens | Canon EF-S, Nikon F (DX) | AT-X M35 PRO DX
Osvaldo Cristo

For a few years I have been the owner of this little gem, Tokina AT-X Pro 35mm f/2.8 Macro DX. For years I have wondered why users of DX sized sensor cameras looks to forget the equivalent to 50-60 mm lens so popular for macro in the old SLR film world and that doubt was my main drive to try this lens. Mounted into my Nikon D300S this lens is a great performer and the ideal focal length for a lot of work I actually made: (1) Copy work: I had space problems to get some copy work from bigger paints ...

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I was impressed with the build quality, solidity and sharpness. But, used with my Nikon D90, every image was very overexposed, whether with the built-in flash, SB-400 flash or without flash. Regardless of the many various settings I tried, images were badly overexposed. I have other Nikon brand lenses, both from my old Nikon film SLR days, (28-105mm) as well as the 18-55 and 55-200 kit lenses, and the 85mm micro. They all exposed properly, taking as close to identical comparison photos ...

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I've purchased this lens over Canon 35mm and Sigma 30mm. I must say I am not disappointed images are very crisp and the macro on this thing is great. You can get extremely close to any subject (crazy close). Has higher number of diaphragm blades (9), it's very solid (bit heavy for 35mm) and f2.8. It would have been nice to have f2.0 but then again macro makes up for it. To get one thing clear, it's not a specialized lens, it's still general purpose lens with some added flexibility. Tested in ...

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