Tamron 18-400mm F3.5-6.3 Di II VC HLD

Announced Jun 23, 2017 •
Lens | Canon EF-S, Nikon F (DX) | B028
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By: cdmazoff (1 week ago)
Hello All. I recently acquired a Canon EOS 7Ti (800D) and a Tamron 18-400mm. I've included a link to my flickr page in my signature below so you can see the kind of shots that I am getting. Well all of a sudden, the last 2 days out, nothing seems to be working right. I've kept the settings from the first 3 albums you see.. (Manual, Shutter speed at minimun 1/1000, F8 or lower, auto ISO, partial metering, Zone AF (cluster of 9 in the centre), AI Servo). I checked the focus points afterwards on...
Is there or will there be a Tamron Teleconverter for the 18-400mm?  I've just bought a Canon t7i and a Tam 18-400.  I haven't rec'd the lens yet.  Can't wait!!!  But, I'm thinking.. with a teleconverter I'd have all my bases covered.
Has anyone been using the new Tammy Giga-zoom on a Canon 80D ? I'd like to hear some users' feedback, the good/bad/ugly etc. I'm not particulary worried about sharpness and optical perfection, especially when talking about am 18-400 zoom, but overall performance and af reliability would help me to make up my mind regarding the "holiday/travelling" kit for my 80D when I don't want to carry around the 6D + L glass. Thanks in advance! --This is where I write stuff:...
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