Tamron 18-270mm F3.5-6.3 Di II PZD

Announced Dec 9, 2010 •
Lens | Sony/Minolta Alpha DT | B008

I didn't buy any lens in the last 3 years and I have a Sony SLT camera. After some review I thought this lens will be good enough to a travel lens. When I got it I couldn't believe that Sony and Pentax version lacks of VC.  o.O  The zoom ring is very very hard to move, sometimes I thought that is in the end position but it isn't.  I don't care too much CA but this lens has only CA. I shoot our apple tree (leaves looking good in spring) but the whole tree became blue. :(  I took back to the ...

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This is my carry around lens I beat this lens to death under lots of adverse conditions. Its a very good lens for the money its very good not great. So in saying that would I buy another like it NO  even though its a very good lens . Here is why I had the lens for less than 2 months and Ive 4 specks of dust on the outer element of the lens. That means I have to send it back and get it cleaned. This lens only seen 400 pictures outside and it was infected with dust. I would buy a canon L lens ...

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