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Established: 1946
Country: Japan
First digital camera: Mavica FD-5, 1998
One of the biggest consumer electronics brands in the world, and the very epitome of a household name, Sony has been involved in filmless photography since its earliest days (introducing the world’s first still video camera, the Mavica in 1981). It entered the digital camera market in 1997 with the hugely popular Mavica FD range (which used floppy disks to store images), but it is Sony’s Cyber-Shot range that lives on, with a wide range of models covering pretty much every sector of the compact market (though the majority of models sit in the ‘premium point and shoot’ region). In 2005 Sony bought Konica Minolta’s camera business, and in 2006 launched the first Sony DSLR, the Alpha 100. Today Sony offers a comprehensive range of Alpha DSLR models, including the unique fixed-mirror SLT-A33 and A55 as well as the new NEX system of ultra compact mirrorless APS-C bodies and lenses. Sony is also the leading supplier of compact camera and SLR sensors to a large proportion of the market.
The majority of Sony’s Cyber-Shot range consists of stylish, metal-bodied ‘point and shoot’ models, with a smattering of big zoom models at the top end. Virtually all have Carl Zeiss branded lenses.
Bolstered by the Minolta back-catalog, Sony offers a comprehensive lens range including some superb Carl Zeiss fast zooms and pricey primes. The NEX lens range is still in its infancy, but is certain to grow.
Accompanying its popular Cyber-shot range of digital compact cameras, Sony also markets several small dye-sublimation photo printers. Sony's DPP range are designed for fast, hassle-free printing straight from a camera or memory card.

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