Sony Alpha DSLR-A580

Announced Aug 24, 2010 •
16 megapixels | 3 screen | APS-C sensor

I have been through quite a few cameras with my most recent being the fabulous Sony A550, which was a great camera. I was able to do basically anything I want to with this camera and it just kept performing. My only reason for upgrading to the A580 was because it has Full HD Movie capabilities. I was not expecting much more of a difference other than that, but all I can say is WOW!!! As previously stated, the A550 was a fabulous camera, but the A580 turns everything about the A550 up 2-3 ...

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Ross McG

Have just moved from my trusty A100 to the A580 and it is amazing. The camera is so much more responsive. Quicker focus, accurate light metering, quick recovery when using flash (no noticeable delay - you seem to be able to shoot just as fast as without the flash) Took three hundred photos, most with the flash yesterday and yet the battery was still showing 74% of capacity still available. Even long shots, using the 250mm end of the lens, across the room, were well lit by the flash. The A100 ...

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