Sony Alpha DSLR-A390

Announced Jun 9, 2010 •
14 megapixels | 2.7 screen | APS-C sensor

Prezzo ottimo € 399,00 in Italia; utilizzo estremamente semplice; Possibilità di ottiche Zais; immagini eccellenti fino a 800 ASa buone a 1600 scadenti a 3200; manca blocco AE; con luce buona messa a foco veloce; buona la messa a fuoco manuale. in definitiva ottimo rapporto prezzo qualità. Problems: Manca blocco AE

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Got this Sony DSLR as the control layout reminded me of my Dynax 505si (as the mode dial and EV/AV buttons were in similar positions). Love the fact I can use all my Minolta lenses on it-stabilized of course with the Steadyshot inside the camera. Mounted on a Nanfrotto 190D tripod using a quick-release plate from with Slik F630 tripod mounted on the 804RC2 pan/tilt head is very secure. Function menu makes it easy and fuss-free to adjust common settings like WB and AF mode. Very easy to use ...

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High ISO still 3200 with same problem of blue and red dots in black areas, still with CCD sensor that only Nikon D3000 keeps as the cheapest outlet alternative. Last year all the key players chose CMOS chips with high ISO giving usable results. Once there was 18-70 lens available to stand out from the crowd. There is no video, no HDR, no time lapse(interval shooting), no high ISO, maybe only lower production price with no benefit for a user, but manufacturer. It seems that marketing wants to ...

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What's the point? Sony, please tell me! You released the Sony Alpha A350 in January 2008. One ÿear later came the A380. Identical camera, but with a new, terrible grip. Now, you have released the same camera yet another time. But with the old A350-grip again. NOTHING is new!!! Same hopelessy slow frame rate (2~2,5 fps)You haven't even included video! Don't you know, Sony? Every other DSLR manufacturer have video in some models. I have a Konica Minolta 7D and have been waiting for an Alpha ...

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