Sony Alpha DSLR-A290

Announced Jun 9, 2010 •
14 megapixels | 2.7 screen | APS-C sensor
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Hello everyone. i have just got my first dslr camera. it came with its kit lens but i wanted a bigger lens, dont have much money so second hand it will have to be! when i looked there are all these other makes out there and some were cheaper than others, so i went on to dyxum website as i read they are good for checking if a lens you are looking at will fit the A mount (that the a290 is (i hope?!)). so i saw the sigma 70 - 210 uc was on there and got one cheap but when it arrived there is a...
By: Anniem0319 (Apr 22, 2014)
Posted to: Open Talk
Hi everyone, I'm a graphic designer and I delved into digital photography about 2 years ago. I'm currently shooting with a Sony A290. Didn't want to spend too much at first until I knew if I would really get into this. I'm totally hooked. :) So, I'm looking to upgrade my camera, and I'm deciding between the Sony A580 and the Pentax K-5. I primarily shoot landscapes and people, but not sporting events. I have done a few corporate photo shoots for my clients through my design work, but all...
By: khambu53 (May 29, 2013)
I have sony A290 and somehow I have got a lots of dirt and other stuffs in my mirror and I tried to search video for cleaning tutorials but there are only sensors cleaning tutorials but no any mirror cleaning videos. So I would like to ask anyone of you if you know how to clean the mirror? or should I have to go to a specialist to clean it???thanks...........
By: issy3 (Mar 17, 2013)
okay, i know i am using an old camera, sony a290 but it should not give this result.  i have several times made tried to make photos of waterfalls with no luck.  i have slowed the shutter speed down and put on a ND filter but my photos keep gettig washed out completely.  i can make 20 and one might turn out okay with an F32.  i can never shot on f16 etc and especially below that.  see below,  f16   1.6 f22  s1.3 i finally got the shot (from above image) but had to use f32.  why is this?...
I just purchased my first ever DSLR after a lifetime of point and shoot, and I'm hoping I got a good model for my uses.  I am a fine artist, and my primary goal with photography is to improve the reference photos I take for when I'm painting in the studio and not outside.  My primary subject matter has been landscapes, but I've seen myself shifting to candid people shots, cafe scenes and city scapes now as well.I've read a ton of information on the CCD vs CMOS debate, and I decided I fell on...
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