Sony Alpha DSLR-A100

Announced Jun 5, 2006 •
10 megapixels | 2.5 screen | APS-C sensor
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I have a Sony A100 that with a newly charged battery will take a couple of pictures, then says "battery exhausted" I shut the camera off and turn it back on and it shows a full battery.  Works great...for a few shots, then "battery exhausted".  I have had the battery tested an it holds 93% charge.  There is no camera repair shop within 150 miles of me.  Any ideas?  I wonder if there is a loose connection.
How does the autofocus on the D3300 compare to the autofocus on the Alpha 100?
Hey guys. I have the option right now to acquire a brand new sealed in box DSLR-A100K kit for $275. Is this a better option than a SLT-A58? I know the A100 is old...but apparently the A58 had so many corners cut, I am thinking the A100 might be the better camera. I do not need video btw, and I want to use the viewfinder, so the lack of liveview on the A100 does not bother me. So, which of the two has better picture quality?
Just now I read two articles on here about a Pentax K-500 and the Canon 100D. After that I read that the Pentax' AF is less than Canon/Nikon's. So and then I found some articles about the D(3100/)3200/3300 and the D5100. I have no clue how to differentiate them. At the moment I use a Canon S100 and I want better image quality. Overall and in low-light scenes. The ability to use a lens for objects further away is nice as well since the S100 has only 5x zoom. I had a Alpha 100 in the past. I...
By: drosi (Dec 14, 2012)
I have a DSLR Sony alpha 100, 10 megapixel camera. I'm thinking about buying either the Sony 85mm or 135mm Zeiss lens. Two questions: 1. Should I be thinking of upgrading my camera first to a 24 megapixel camera before getting one of these lenses and 2. 85 mm or 135mm? I take pictures primarily of young grandchildren.
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