Sony a7R IV User Reviews

Announced Jul 16, 2019 •
61 megapixels | 3 screen | Full frame sensor

This camera is so close to having everything it needs to be on the cutting edge, but instead they're cutting corners. The EVF is super high res and amazing to use, but the rear screen is worse than the D850 which came out over 2 years ago, not to mention it's sad touch screen capacity. However, despite those shortcomings, the rest of the camera is incredible to use with it's dynamic range and extreme resolution. One of the features I've used most to my surprise is switching back and forth ...

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No camera is perfect, it can be preferred by some and at the same time dislike by some, like all things in life. So this is a short review of SONY A7R IV by the way I want to use it, and I have no interest to test it against another camera because of all tests made under certain criteria and the result always subjective, and kind of waste time. My take on camera is that particular one (A7R IV) which is an upgraded model of the one I use very often (A7R III). In short, the SONY A7R IV keeps ...

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