Sony a7

Announced Oct 16, 2013 •
24 megapixels | 3 screen | Full frame sensor
dpreview conclusion

The Alpha 7 has broken new ground in the full-frame market, in terms of both size and price. While it's not perfect, the a7's compact size, broad feature set and very good raw image quality arguably make up for issues like relatively poor battery life and slightly overprocessed JPEGs.

Good for

Those seeking a full-frame sensor in a small body, determined third-party and historic lens owners, video enthusiasts, and social media mavens

Not so good for

JPEG shooters, Auto ISO users, and photographers who want to quickly capture a moment

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Build quality
Ergonomics & handling
Metering & focus accuracy
Image quality (raw)
Image quality (jpeg)
Low light / high ISO performance
Viewfinder / screen rating
Movie / video mode
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Sony a7 review

The Alpha A7 and A7r are a wake-up call for the photographic industry, especially to Canon and Nikon. Here are two cameras which not only match or outperform top-selling DSLRs in many respects, but which also can use their lenses, in some cases with minimal compromise on handling. If Canon and especially Nikon aren't careful, they could find themselves becoming lens manufacturers with a niche...

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Sony a7 review

For what's arguably a specialist camera, the Sony Alpha A7r appeals to a very broad group of photographers: those upgrading from a smaller format whether DSLR or mirrorless, those downsizing from a full-frame DSLR, those looking for an alternative to expensive rangefinder cameras, the A7r has them all interested. In many respects it certainly delivers the goods. In my tests the Alpha A7r...

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Sony a7 review

The Sony A7r Mark II is not the perfect camera, but the fact I even need to say that reveals how far Sony has come in less than two years with its full-frame mirrorless range. Yes, I experienced a number of annoyances with the A7r Mark II, most notably involving the controls and menus, but there's simply no denying this is an extremely impressive camera. In terms of image quality, it'll match...

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