Sony 16-35mm F2.8 ZA SSM Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T*

Announced Sep 9, 2008 •
Wideangle zoom lens | Sony/Minolta Alpha | SAL1635Z
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By: Pulstura (2 months ago)
Posted to: Open Talk
If you had to decide on 1 lens for the Sony A7 Mark II what would it be? "Preferably Sony"My A7 Mark II body is about to arrive end of next week, and I still haven't figured out what first lens I would like to buy...I've looked into the Sony 16-35mm, Sony 35mm,Sony 55mm and the kit lens 28-70mm. I will be traveling around New Zealand and Australia, and I would like to take a wide range of photos. Thanks!
Hi all :) I have never bought a tripod before so need your help. I have decided to take photography more seriously and so have decided to try few things like interiors photography & indoor birthday party shoot. I have been always more of a travel photographer with my A100 with 16-80Z but would like to be serious now with my passion with A7R2, Zony 55mm F1.8 and Zony 25mm F2.8 and Batis 18mm (order queued) I have to try new things from here for which I must have a tripod :) Your input is much...
I have an A7 and A6000.  I like having a backup camera, just in case, and they can share lenses.  i.e. the 35 f28 covers 52.5mm on the A6000, so I don't need a 50mm.   I really just do landscape.  While I am excited by the new 21 Loxia, 25 Batis, 15 Voigtlander etc, the 16-35 essentially covers all of these, plus you get 25-52mm if mounted on the A6000.  On a couple of review sites, the MTF sharpness at 35mm F8 is as good as my 35f28 prime (which I have found to be an excellent landscape...
I have been looking at getting the sel1635z to use on my a6000.  It's a good range for landscape and would seem to promise excellent side to side sharpness on the smaller APSC sensor.  Then why does it just rate so-so on the DXO sharpness scale compared to the A7R (even the sel1018 rates as somewhat sharper)   DXO sel1635 on the A6000  DXO sel1635 on the A7R
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