Sony FE 85mm F1.4 GM User Reviews

Announced Feb 3, 2016 •
Telephoto prime lens | Sony FE

I have used this lens for 5 months on my Sony A7 III for many portraits sessions. I upgraded from Sony FE 85mm F1.8 and hoped so much that would have been a masterpiece (considering the price). The sharpness, rendering, colors and bokeh are really fantastic. But it has one major weakness: AF! AutoFocus is just unacceptable for a 1800 dollars lens! - The AF in low light is so slow, and noisy. (like an old cheap lens) - When the light just falls a little, AF accuracy drops significantly. - The ...

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the model i received (non grey import ;) the AF was akin to a vivitar 28-80mm - i was shocked! i also found it did not 'grab' the AF was unreliable one fist attempt (roaming alot more than any other pro lens ie owned ) After using Canon L 85mm and Carl Zeiss 85mm this is very plasticky in comparison. Bokeh is indeed delicious. me? - after 1 day-  i returned it, and am sticking with EF mount on metabones Ultra adapter (ie canon 85mm f1.2 L @ f0.9) - im holding out for the 70-200mm with hope of ...

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