Sony 70-200mm F2.8 G SSM II User Reviews

Announced Oct 16, 2013 •
Telephoto zoom lens | Sony/Minolta Alpha | SAL70200G

Tested on A99ii. Compared to Tamron 70-200 USD. Built like a tank. Focuses ridiculously quickly and accurately. I know some people complain that this Minolta-Sony 70-200/2.8 is sometimes soft wide open or that it's expensive. I guess I lucked out. In December, I purchased a used one in perfect shape. I may have paid just a tad too much, but I was in a rather peculiar situation (could not exchange a 24-70 ZA II I purchased earlier that I wasn't happy with for anything except from that ...

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Very sharp image wide open, even on 200mm, improved a lot comparing to G1, as i played few years ago (on a900). Fast foucus, but not that fast enough on a850, maybe will be improved a lot on newer bodies. full size test shorts has been uploaded as below, JPG from a850 directly,shot in Beijing (but i put AF-6 setting to achieve the sharp image,can't make it even with -4): 200mm@f2.8, 200mm@f2.8 70mm@f2.8, shot from balcony 70mm @ f2.8 150/2.8, indoor, before applying af-6 (maybe af-2 or -4)

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I can say with confidence that the SAL70200G2 is the best 70-200mm available for the A-Mount today. Its not worth 3K, but is the Canon EOS 5D MK III really worth its current price? Its the world of photography, and each manufacturer eventually finds a way to gouge us. With Sony its the 70-200. This is my third and most expensive Sony G-Series lens to date. I received it on 27 Nov 13. I decided to pre-order the lens following the announcement of the 70200G2 on 17 Oct 13. I choose to buy it, ...

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