Sony DT 30mm F2.8 Macro SAM

Announced May 18, 2009 •
Macro prime lens | Sony/Minolta Alpha | SAL30M28
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Hoping somebody can help me understand what is happening here. Since I switched to full-frame about a year ago, I've used my full-frame compatible lenses about 99.8% of the time. But this last weekend for the first time I put the Sony 30 f/2.8 macro on the A850. And I saw something I didn't expect. Looking through the A850's OVF while composing a shot, I can see more — considerably more — of the scene than gets captured.  It's fairly obvious that what I'm seeing is the wider FF view of the...
I'm going to be photographing one of those color mania 5k events with all the super-fine colored powder flying everywhere. I'm actually rather confident in a protection system that consists of lots of tape and a ziploc bag surrounding the entire camera/lens with a hole cut out and very-well taped to the edges of a clear filter. But I don't trust it enough to use my main camera, a D800. I bought an a57 when they were available new at huge discounts, mostly for the 8-12fps sports potential and...
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