Sony Cyber-shot DSC-U50 User Reviews

Announced Aug 15, 2003 •
2 megapixels | 1 screen | 33 mm

An excellent 'take anywhere camera' that for its size and megapixel count produces remarkably good pictures. The rotating lens means it is great for gigs and over the crowd shots. Typical sony top quality build - apart from the cheap plastic lens cap - but hey it does the job. Outdoor shots can be superb, indoors you have to work on keeping the camera absolutely still otherwise shots tend to blur. Highly recommended as a second camera - my other camera is a V1 - reasonably comapact but the ...

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Almost instantly replaced my Minox habit. Imagine a Minox sized digital with a 33mm lens f2.8 (not 3.5) ADJUSTABLE f stops, (not on Minox) auto focus (not guess focus) and you save about $25-$30 film purchase and developing costs per roll. Great pocket camera, conversation piece, digital daily diary. It's a blast. And it takes pretty good 2mpx shots. Problems: Wish there was a classy and quick to use case. Love / hate relationship with lenscap.

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It's small. That's why I got it. I can carry it around in my pocket all the time and get pictures quickly and easily. The startup time is very fast, and it focuses reasonably quickly too. In bright daylight the picture quality is remarkable; in low light, it's pretty bad. However, it's the perfect complement to my Canon 10D, which is too large to take with me everywhere. Battery life is quite good too; uses standard AAA batteries, but it comes with some nice high-capacity NiMH ...

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