Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T9

Announced Nov 1, 2005 •
6 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 38 – 114 mm (3×)

I have about 12 cameras ranging from compacts to 2 dslrs and consider myself an enthusiast. I have several prosumers as well. I did not have a truly subcompact and had read a lot of good things about the T9. Even SonyStyle recommended it to me over the T30 and the N1. I also wanted IS. I have the F30, Casio P700, OlyC7000, Panny LX1 and TZ1 right now, e900, FZ5, Sony V1, Sony H1 and others. Much as I tried the T9 and invested in the T9 leather case and a duo stick anticipating I would love ...

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Compared to the T1, this camera is quite an upgrade. The image stabilizer works quite well for such a small camera. Compared to many other pocket cameras, this camera needs much improvement though. Problems: One of the biggest problems with this camera is that the flash is too close to the lens, this causes major red-eye and also causes unwanted reflections. The auto whitebalance is not correct under indoor lighting and there is no manual setting that can correct this. Also, the speaker is ...

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Keep looking…for the money the T9 in my opinion does not deliver. In bright sunlight the results are not bad. In any situation where light is poor so are the images. The size appeals and is very handy for taking to parties etc. but what’s the point when the images only look OK on the cameras LCD. I purchased this camera for use while snow skiing. The size made it easy to carry around but I now wish I had bought the Coolpix 7600 as I had intended. Sony are resting on their name here. Problems: ...

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