Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T50

Announced Sep 11, 2006 •
7 megapixels | 3 screen | 38 – 114 mm (3×)

this camera replaced my Canon sd-800. Canon had the worst video sound ever. It could not handle high volume sounds from concerts. It was very dissapointing. So now T50 arrives. What a beauty, both from outside and inside. takes very sharp pictures under most light conditions. Supersteady shot seems to be working better that Canon. High Iso mode has less noise than Canon SD800. The videos have perfect sound quality. The touch screen is so easy to use and classy. The battery life is outstanding ...

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i have to say that i don't usually post this kind of reviews, but in all fairness i want to do some justice to this nice camera, especially against the previous posters here. if you want to buy this camera read some of the reviews for t30 and t10, i found them more realistic... even i'm a professional photographer i've bought this camera for my family pictures. reguarding my previous experience with digital cameras (if relevant): for my work i' ve owned: nikon d100, fuji s2, kodak 14n, phase ...

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