Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV

Announced Jun 10, 2015 •
20 megapixels | 3 screen | 24 – 70 mm (2.9×)
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By: Totti808 (Aug 4, 2015)
Hi all, I am planning to buy the RX100 IV tomorrow and I will get an ad card for it as well. I have read many topics here and read the dpreview of this camera about we cards requirements. I just want to see if anyone tried this sd card with the camera and got all functions to work properly, specially the X AVCS video100Mbps: Thanks.
Hello, I just picked up an RX100M4. Love the camera. I noticed while recording in semi-quiet environments, the camera records the noise of the lens zooming. I did some Google searching and it seems this may be a normal thing for this camera, but I wanted to get an opinion from someone who is knowledgeable about this camera. Here is a link to the video I shot where I noticed the noise: So is this normal? Thanks!
By: 5mars (Jul 28, 2015)
Hello, I've a question for RX100 users.I just received my RX100 m4 and I try to capture stills during movie recording. I've tried every video compression format but I've always a "no photo" picto when I try to take a photo. I use a SanDisk class 10 U1 SD card, 95Mbs/90Mbs.(Only the lower 4k video is available) Is this a SD card problem ? Thanks!
Can I set the RX100 control ring (around the lens) to control zoom?
Anybody knows if the raw files are lossy compressed or not? with what number of bits per color?
By: Guy Watkins (Jul 11, 2015)
I'm trying to decide between an RX100 iii or iv, and wondered if the lack of OS X RAW support for the iv would be a problem? I use aperture, and din't want to use in camera jpgs. Thanks for your help - from a potential new Sony user
Has anyone get Playmemory Camera Apps installed on the RX100m4? From the website I've installed the driver, but can never get the site to verify the camera is connected.  I have the camera USB set to MTP (on Mac).  The Mac can see the camera as a storage device and transfer images.  The wireless auto import apps can see the camera via USB to configure it, the Remote Camera Control can control the camera via the USB (with USB in camera set to...
Just wondering if anyone's used the high bitrate video available in XAVC S, and which cards they were using. Lots of cards out there with that rating, but as we all know, not all cards perform as specified. I have a Kingston 64GB card that's been tested at 70MB/s write speed (12.5MB/s is all that's required for 100mb/s), but the camera won't accept it for high bitrate recording because of its U1 rating.
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