Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P9

Announced Mar 12, 2002 •
4 megapixels | 1.5 screen | 39 – 117 mm (3×)

DON´T LISTEN TO ALL THE "BAD" REVIEWS OF THIS CAMERA! IT RULES! I bought the Sony DSCP9 a month ago and i have enjoyed the fact that this camera actually fullfills every expectations one could have to a professional digital camera. The image quality is excellent, even in A3 format!! The pictures shown in the full-review on this site is totaly misleading. They give the reader a wrong idea of the camera. This camera is not comparable to other digital cameras! And the design and construction is ...

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A gem! Amazingly crystal clear photos from a camera that just drops into your purse! Simple to use (even for an amateur like me), and you dont have to take the battery out every time like all the other small cameras. This one has a strong flash as well. I printed out my A4 size (8x10) pictures and friends thought they were from a shop! I like the skin colours, and you can adjust the sharpness for a softer look on portraits. Nice sexy body as well....:) Problems: Manual could have been in ...

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Excellent all round camera, easy to use and small enought to take everywhere in your jacket pocket. Packed with features - and takes great movies as well. I am using an HP 130 photoprinter which gives me prints like they came from Kodak. Last night I took some views over the marina using the twilight mode and the results were amazing. I am not a professional but my pictures look like they came out of a studio. Highly recopmmended Problems: None at all.

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