Sony Mavica CD500

Announced Feb 24, 2003 •
5 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 34 – 102 mm (3×)

I have Sony Mavica CD500. I love it! I was afraid if I lost/destroyed the camera I'd be desolate. So went on eBay and bought a backup ... It's great .. no camera can match the beautiful pictures I take. I've taken over 5,000 pictures of events ... 99% so great I didn't have to change anything excecept the size of the picture. Problems: I have a problem .. MY FAULT ! I wasn't watching the number of pictures I took this week .. took the last picture and gort "DISK ERROR" I have not been able ...

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glen morgan

I bought the CD500 within a week after they appeared in stores. I had some difficulty with the color saturation. Ev ery thing was really red. Sony worked on it and now it does an excellent job. It's so slow but takes superior quality pix. My new DSC T200 only faintly exceeds the quality of the CD500. Sorry for your problems. Sony's bad about not fixing their cameras. They keep them forever. Adios, gm

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I have owned a CD200 and purchased the 500 to get better quality pictures (gave 200 to husband) I used it with success for two years. Last Christmas it started acting up, telling me I needed to initalize a disk that already had pictures on it (my christmas pictures) I took it to Best Buy because I had purchased the service contract. They sent it off. Sony "mounted C Board, Sy-Bu Assy. and replaced parts". When I got it back, it continued to not work. Sony/Best Buy had this camera from ...

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The MVC-CD500 is my "studio photography workhorse". I did not buy it because of the CDs ( but its better than these proprietary memory sticks ), I bought it because it is one of the few cameras with a top quality F/2.0 lens. And this is one of the first Sony cameras which communicate without adapter cable with the HVL-F32X flash which gives good exposures in flash photography. And that laser AF assist lamp is excellent for fast focussing in complete darkness Problems: no

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D P Cole

I loved the idea of writing to CD rather than pricey memory modules, so the Mavica looked like a fine choice at the time. I also loved the flexibility; it was near SLR in terms of exposure control. I gave it a 5 for 'ease of use' because the aperture/control settings are well laid out and thought out. Most consumer P&S cameras of today either don't have the features, or hide them well within a convoluted menu system. (most P&S cameras of today lack a RAW format as well, which means that ...

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I have owned this camera for over a year. I am very impressed with the photos it can take. It is incredibly versitile, in that it can take landscapes to Macro. It lacks real telephoto ability, but the 5.0 MP shots are so sharp you can "zoom" by cropping, and then resize in Photoshop. I purchased a Canon Digital SLR a couple of months ago because I wanted more zoom, and closer macro, but that decision is partly in question. The Sony takes great pictures, and it is much quicker and easier to ...

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Folks, this is THE CAMERA that had the right stuff to replace my antiquated 35mm SLR kit. The Karl Zeiss 3X zoom lens is awesome with 5 MP imaging. The cost-effective nature of the CD-R(W) media is unparalled. The MPEG-VX video mode was an unexpected bonus as I frequently burn still images and video clips on a mini-CD, depending on the event. The 2.5 in. LCD screen is a real crowd-pleaser. I highly suggest buying a number of SONY accessories to "complete" the outfit, including the ...

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Bill Tobin

This would probably be a fine camera if it had been properly engineered. First, the little plastic wheel that holds the mini-dics keeps coming loose from the brass shaft that turns it. When that happens you get all kinds of crazy error messages, and sometimes the camera won't shut off even after opening. Eventually the brass shaft on mine became grooved from spinning freely so much in the plastic disc, and the camera had to be sent in for repair (1 year old). If you have one of these, treat ...

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I'ved used this camera for a year and a half now and really has few drawbacks. The biggest problem with this camera is the zoom, a lean 3x. For something as professional looking and highly priced as it was, I would have expected something much better. The digital zoom is of course a joke. But the fact that the camera uses CD media ia a big advantage, giving the user much more in the way of storage. You're limited only by the size of the CD-Rs, which I've purchased with as many as 210mb ...

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