Sony Mavica FD-91

Announced Nov 16, 1998 •
1 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 37 – 518 mm (14×)

A marvel when first introduced, the Mavica FD-91 remains a superb camera but with limited uses. Its lingering appeal is threefold: (1) ease of use traceable to the simplicity of (and, for most users, a ready familiarity with) floppy disks, (2) superb optics that permit both long-range and ultra-close (1 inch) macro shots, and (3) a large (2.5 inch) and bright LCD monitor. Although its low-resolution sensor renders the FD91 outmoded for printing and enlarging photos beyond small-snapshot ...

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My first Sony digital camera. Loved it. Began the process of weening myself from 35mm photography. The ability to forget about missed photo opportunity's due to improper exposure/focus, eliminating development time and costs were also instrumental. Photos taken in daylight were of exceptional focus. Problems: Camera was too hard to focus in low light - resulted in many out of focus shots. Having to carry around tens to hundreds of floppy disks and keeping track of which ones were already ...

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Jim B.

Interesting camera with a great zoom and manual controls. Floppy storage is actually not that bad but limits the resolution to 1024x768 (great for web but not for printing). Well built and easy to handle if you are not looking for a pocket size camera. This is more like a 35mm SLR design than a point and shoot body style. Infolithium batteries are great! Problems: Low light picture taking is horrible. Pics are extremely grainy in anything other than bright sunlight.

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