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Established: 1961
Country: Japan
First digital camera: SD9, 2002
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The world's leading supplier of third-party lenses, Sigma has been offering a more affordable alternative to the camera manufacturers’ own lenses for over four decades. In 2002 Sigma launched its first digital SLR, the SD-9, using Foveon’s unique X3 sensor (which records full color information for every pixel, unlike the Bayer sensors used in all other cameras) and its own lens mount. The same technology is also used in the DP range of large sensor compacts, and has recently been updated to offer significantly higher resolution in the SD1 body. In late 2008 Sigma acquired Foveon, with the intention of speeding up its previously glacial camera release schedule.
Sigma offers a range of fixed lens compacts, all based around a large 4.6MP Foveon sensor. There are two basic models, offering a 28mm (DP1) or 41mm (DP2) equiv. focal length fixed prime lens.
Sigma today offers a wide range of lenses for all the major SLR systems, both full and cropped frame, from fisheye to extreme telephoto. The lineup contains a good mix of zooms and high quality primes.

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