Sigma 2x EX DG Tele Converter

Announced Oct 5, 2005 •
Teleconverter | Canon EF, Nikon F (FX), Pentax KAF, Sigma SA Bayonet, Sony/Minolta Alpha
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Hello guys, I'm quite uncertain if Sigma new teleconvertors like 2x 2001 or 1.4x 1001 ( ) work on Canon lenses. Sigma said to me in an email that they "did not recommend". I don't really understand what it means ... did they work or not? Can you autofocus with them? Is focus consistently ok? Anybody tested Sigma new TC's + Canon IS II supertele lenses ? (example Canon 100-400/5.6 IS II, Canon 300/2.8 IS II, Canon 600/4 IS II, etc)
By: MsterP (Mar 4, 2015)
Posted to: Open Talk
well back to the all big debate, between these two. well here is my situation. I am a sports photographer at my local University (Utah Valley University). sports are super fun to take photos of, however I personally use my own gear (nikon d7100). I have noticed the marketing team using the all famous 100-400l cannon lens, while i use my 70-200mm sigma lens. of course I feel left out of the those long shots. then again I am not made out of money (I wish i was...) with that said i also shoot...
Hello,Preparing for Africa again.I have sold my Sigma 10-20 and Sigma 135-400mm.My plan is to buy a Sigma 150-500mm OS (825 EURO) + D5100 (400EURO).Will it be smarter to buy a Sigma 70-200 2.8 OS + 2x Extender (about the same total)?I am looking forward for your suggestions.Many thanks in advance.PS:- No, I am not willing to spend more money (1200 EURO is limit). - 135-400 performed fine but I looking for extra and/or reach/sharpness/aperture
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