Sigma 70mm F2.8 DG Macro Art Q&As

Announced Feb 27, 2018 •
Macro prime lens | Canon EF, Nikon F (FX), Sigma SA Bayonet, Sony FE
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Manzur Fahim
By: Manzur Fahim (Apr 4, 2019)
Hello everyone, Hope you are well. I have been playing with the double and S-Hi export options in the SPP, and much to my surprise, the images looks plenty sharp and detailed even at double size. Is double or S-Hi sizes are just scaled? Or is there something else involved? I wonder if the 70mm F2.8 Macro Art would produce even sharper images than the 30mm F/1.4 Art. Many thanks. --IG:
By: exb (Apr 3, 2019)
Hello guys, I would like to try macro photography but I completely newbie in this field. I would like to know about your personal experience and thoughts. First I am looking for a lens for Sony a7III. I'm considering: Sony 90 2.8 Macro all looks cool but I worrying about not circular bokeh that someone reported and something that bothers me :) Sigma 70 Art looks cool too but focus distance is significantly smaller, and noisy AF that may spook wild insects. Canon 100 2.8L I already have an...
Hi everyone, First I'd like to specify that I'm just an amateur, I'm not really specialized in anything, I liked just about everything new I tried in photography so far so am a bit all over the place.I currently own a Sony 85 f1.8 which I got... because I was waiting on availibility on other lenses and I love it but I found out that even for portrait I rarely use it full open.I'm shopping for a macro lens but don't want to spend 1200€ on the Sony FE 90 so I read quite a few articles on the...
Hello everyone, Hope you are well. I have decided to get a lens for my sd Quattro. I was thinking of waiting for the L mount FF next year, but now I am thinking if I get a SA mount lens, I can use it for my sd Quattro as well as the next camera with MC-21. But SA mount will probably be discontinued and it'll difficult to find a lens then. So what do you think is a better choice? 70mm is slow focusing and doesn't have OS, 105mm has but has a longer FL. I found them for about the same price and...
Hello everyone, Hope you are well. I was looking into getting a good lens for sd Quattro. I just extracted some double sized files, and although they have great resolution, 30mm F1.4 is not the greatest art lens there. I was wondering if anyone here is using the 70mm macro lens with their sd quattro and if I can get some personal experience shared here. I'll mainly be doing portraits, and also I can use it with MC-21 when the FF Foveon comes out next year. Thank you in advance, looking...
So Sigma announced this lens in February. How long does it usually take before it can be found in stores? Also will the price be released before that date?
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