Sigma DP2s User Reviews

Announced Feb 20, 2010 •
5 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 41 mm

I have bought this camera in 2011, for the Foveon and APS-C of course. With relatively low resolution (by 2019 measure) the pixels are so huge they are able to capture the sunlight and gloomy light so well you can tell what type of clouds there was on the day! I love the slightly-saturated but "full" colors, that are never wrong - given you leave it to "Sun" color mode - "Auto" does not work well. SIGMA Photo Pro is quirky, in terms that by default it will try and process RAW in sRGB mode. ...

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I bought this used a couple of years ago to try the Foveon sensor. This is a very simple and fun camera to use. Picture quality is very good. The fixed 24mm lens and longish close focus distance limit the types of photos that work well. I use the Sigma Photo Pro software to bring out the best in raw Foveon outputs. The camera is small and unobtrusive, although it emits a rather comical whirring when powering up and down.  A true point-and-shoot APS-C with the signature Sigma sensor.

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Only just received this camera so only had a chance to do a few quick test shots. Stunning picture quality as expected but these were only a few quick shots of daughters dog chasing her cats and a few of some daffodils just starting to flower. Battery life just has to be better than the DP3m. Seems to handle really well, ordered a couple of spare batteries but will probably run it off my power pack (as per my DP3m) but need to find a mains adaptor for the DP2s. Menus again nice and simple, ...

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