Samsung NX5

Announced Jun 1, 2010 •
15 megapixels | 3 screen | APS-C sensor
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I am in process of deciding to replace my faithful NX20 with an NX30. The NX20 is about 4years old and has developed a fault with the PASM control and the DIOPTA adjustment. I had considered moving to the Fuji X system however I do like my Samsung lenses and like the NX30 (if only the NX50 had happened). I do a lot of street photography and the Sammy combination is both discrete and light. I had also considered the NX500 however I'm not sure I can live with no EVF. The key question for me...
By: louise66 (Dec 8, 2012)
Hi There,I hope I'm ok to post this on the beginners board; I have a problem with my Samsung NX5.It's a great camera, love it, and have had great results from it for the past two years.But a few months ago it stopped allowing me to upload onto my laptop.I spoke to an experienced sales person in the shop where I purchased the camera, she gave me great advice re: how I was shooting etc, but this did not solve my upload issues.I have tried using different leads etc but it still won't work.My...
Is a "Service Manual & Repair Guide" for the NX210 or NX1000 available?Like for the NX10 here:   (NX100 and NX200 also available on here for the NX5, NX11, NX100 and NX200:   (Furthermore NX Lenses and Accessoris)
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