Samsung NX10

Announced Jan 4, 2010 •
15 megapixels | 3 screen | APS-C sensor
dpreview conclusion

The NX10 proves it's possible to offer an APS-C sensor and interchangeable lenses without the mirror, prism, and general bulk of a DSLR design. It's a small, likeable camera that is readily capable of matching the image quality of its peers, but a few minor failings prevent it from standing out in a sector full of highly capable cameras.

Good for

People wanting SLR quality wherever they go.

Not so good for

Demanding enthusiasts or complete beginners. Budding videographers.

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Build quality
Ergonomics & handling
Metering & focus accuracy
Image quality (raw)
Image quality (jpeg)
Low light / high ISO performance
Viewfinder / screen rating
Movie / video mode
Other reviews
DCRP Review: Samsung NX10
By: Jeff Keller, Digital Camera Resource Page (Jun 2, 2010)

While not a groundbreaking product, the NX10 does a lot, and it does it well. It takes good quality photos, performs robustly, features a beautiful AMOLED display, offers a complete set of manual controls, and can record 720p movies. Downsides include very frequent (but slight) underexposure, noise levels that aren't as good as the competition, limited visibility of the main display and EVF in...

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Samsung NX10 review
By: Mike Lowe, What Digital Camera (Apr 14, 2010)

The NX10 offers great value and will open the mirrorless market up to a variety of users.

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