Samsung Digimax V800

Announced Jun 3, 2005 •
8 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 38 – 114 mm (3×)

the use i have had,videod extensive at N.E.C of rod stewart concert 10-12-05, vidioed and pictured my way through xmas 06, remember what your paying and what you get.i have got fantastic result to keep for life and was not let down in use or quality ,ease of use and nothing was to quirky,so i will be taking mr samsung v800 to new york in march 07 and teneriffe in august 07 , for me this was an exellent purchase,and did what i told him. Problems: no problems,got memory cards easy £18 on ebay, ...

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Eric Swift

I have just bought another V800 having lost the first. I am very pleased with this camera it is easy to use and gives excellent results particularly on 7 or 8 milliom pixel settings. The auto focus works extremely well and colours are rich and life like. Although there does tend to be slight burn out in bright skies particularly with dark subjects but this is not unusual. The camera comes with a large instruction book but there is a quick start guide for the less patient. There is also a ...

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I've just received my brand new Samsung Digimax V800 and it's don't stop to amaze me.The display it's enourmous,the image quality it's great and you just have to charge the battery to start shotting pics right away. When I explore all of the features of the camera ,I'll update this review..but so far it's look great!!! 27/12/2005 Ok..after a couple of days and 200 shots taken,I have to say that..I love this camera! I found easy to learn the features (and there is a lot of them) of the ...

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