Samsung TL320 (WB1000)

Announced Feb 23, 2009 •
12 megapixels | 3 screen | 24 – 120 mm (5×)

when this samsung came out i found it very interesting, i needed a new small camera with some manual controls and a wideangle lens. i remember the price was a bit high because it had lot of interesting features like oled lcd, the 24 lens, fast video, metal body. luckly after few months was replaced by wb2000 and i cuold buy one on a budget. i'm still using it today and i think is a very capable little camera. the lens is wide and also sharp so under 400iso there are lot of details, the manual ...

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Read this review with the Caveat the price is now about $200. Very solid build, titanium metal body with retro look and gauges. Indoors, the auto modes are dicey because the ISO bounces up to 800 which is grainy. You must not use the auto mode indoors unless well-lit or using flash (which is fairly powerful on this little guy). Pros: -24 mm W I D E angle -5X zoom -HD 720P recording with cuts out during zoom -Awesome 460K pixel AMOLED display is razor sharp -Manual Mode and ...

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I received the Samsung TL320 and found the camera to be a good buy for the money. The cost of the camera was $310.00. The only problem I encountered was the selection wheel on the back of the camera became loose, so I returned the unit and had it replaced for a new one. I am waiting for the new camera to see how the wheel will function with the fresh unit. I think that the selection wheel is the only week point of the camera. The camera sells itself. Relatives have ordered another two c ...

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