Samsung S85

Announced Jul 12, 2007 •
8 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 38 – 190 mm (5×)
Divino Leitao

Uma excelente camera, seu zoom ótico com ampliação de 5x é um diferencial entre equipamentos na mesma faixa de preço. Problems: Infelizmente a minha apresentou, sem qualquer motivo válido, um defeito no display, que não afeta o funcionamento da camera, mas me atrapalha a visualização dos comandos e da própria imagem. O defeito consiiste em manchas negras na tela do display, que tem aumentado desde que começaram a aparecer. Enviei contato para o suporte técnico que cobraria mais que metade do ...

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I have had the camera for about a year and it has proven to be a great buy. Still haven't explored all the features but I will experiment more with it. The camera does well with macro shots and colours come out well. It does allow the zoom to be used when videoing however there is no sound recorded whilst zooming. The camera fires up promptly and the auto focus is fast & accurate. The LCD display is good. I have found that use of quality precharged batteries to be worthwhile eg eneloops. The ...

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Fbio Lda

When I was looking for a compact camera, I was in doubt about Canon and Samsung, because the features of them. In this case, no other brand have so much features than Samsung. The S85 camera has a interesting manual mode (which you can control shutter speed and lens apperture manually), a great sharp image (with many levels of sharpness and compaction) that shows good colors (with an option to saturate/desaturate), many effects and portrait modes, an excellent macro (1cm), good-range flash ...

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For a low cost point and shoot pocket camera, the Samsung S85 is an exceptional value. Good lens, very nice zoom and an excellent macro function. The auto focus does a good job, especially on faces, which my previous P&S camera had extreme difficulty with. All-in-all a good value. Functions and menu items are context sensitive which can be a bit confusing at first. Some settings can only be changed while the camera mode dial is set to a particular setting. While in the "Auto" few ...

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I was planning to buy a Canon A720IS but then I saw the S85 for 99€ and bought it, to some extend the camera fealls light and cheap but when taking pictures I wondered how nice the result was. Some nice features: - Super macro - 5x Zoom - 4 Gb SDHC card - Good Video - Nightshot but you need a steady hold For sure you get a lot of goodies and natural pictures for low price! Problems: The only issue is the battery; you need real good rechargeable batteries and a good charging kit. ASR Image ...

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Low budget camera with many surprises! This camera has manual features & many options. Picture quality is really great for it class. The images is sharp & the color is so natural. The camera body is small but feels comfortable in hand. Manual option & features so simply & user friendly. LCD screen is bright even in the daylight. Blitz is quiet usefull. Iso 50-100 is superb. Little noise at iso 200. Iso 400 is quiet usable, higher iso is.. bonus! So far, i take hundreds of pictures & very ...

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