Samsung NV15 User Reviews

Announced Jul 30, 2007 •
10 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 34 – 102 mm (3×)
Raymond J Martin

Excellent metallic body and good picture quality. Unique system of highlight buttons takes some learning but works well when you are up to speed. Problems: Secondary reason for buying this camera was for the AVI/MPEG4 movie mode enabling me to only take one shirt-pocket sized camera on holidays i.e. for stills and movies. Very disappointing in that the red vertical streaking prevalent in similar cameras mars an otherwise good performance. Seems that this is an inherent problem caused by the ...

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I have recently bought NV15 and made about 300 shots. It is very nice dcam with good quality and excellent design. Especially I like smart buttons which are extremely user friendly. Problems: Unfortunately, there was a technical problem. After my last shot the lens did not retract nor expand and remained in the middle position.So, I can't make any shots now. Perhaps I bought rejected camera.

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Vincent Anthony

For $169 USD, you can't get a better compact digital camera. You'll be paying a lot more for the same features in a Nikon or Canon point and shoot & get it in an ugly silver plastic body. This camera feels like a rock with its metal body. Image quality is very good for a point and shoot. The screen on the back is nice and bright. I am very satisfied with this camera. Problems: none

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What great build quality & performance. Coming from a DSLR background and having used digicams for over a decade, I'm quite pleased with the NV15. I shoot mostly w/ a Nikon D70 with a plethora of pro lenses. While the NV15 doesn't offer the same level of quality as my DSLR, it does offer a great point and shoot solution and contrary to what many reviews on the NV15 and its siblings have said, the Samsung interface is quite intuitive, easy to learn and use. I have yet to look up stuff in ...

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This is in no way a "me too" camera. It is so different from the norm that it is quite a gamble for Samsung. The solid, mini rangefinder look they went after is magnificent. The menu system and usability are so different yet a head above anything I have ever used. Photo quality is a subjective thing and this camera will be loved by some and hated by many. I would describe this as the anti-Fuji. Yes there is noise, even at ISO 100. BUT the Noise Reduction is kept from intruding on the overall ...

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