Samsung L77

Announced Feb 9, 2007 •
7 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 38 – 266 mm (7×)

I got this camera for my wife to carry around with her. I already have to dslr, but with a new baby, she needed a pocket cam and this fit the bill. Compared to the Canon sd750, this blows it away IMO. From construction to image quality. I returned the Canon. Overall, a very nice pocket cam and worth the money. As for as the image stab goes (EPS), it does work, but not sure how well compared to other pocket cams with it. I even dropped it on day one and it held up without a problem - just ...

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Absolutely love it! First Digital camera I have owned, it is small, powerful, and sexy! All the features are prefect for the intro photographer and a programming setting allows for a wealth of possibilities! The 7X optical zoom is a dream! I would have never expected it to be that powerful for the size, also when turning on and zooming the lens stays internal keeping with its sexy style. Bottom line FANTASTIC CAMERA! Problems: Only problem I have is when taking a photo in seemling all modes ...

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