Samsung L730 User Reviews

Announced Jul 11, 2007 •
7 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 38 – 114 mm (3×)
r cataldo

I purchased two of these as gifts for family members when the price hit approx $100. The camera seems to hold up well enevn in the hands of teenagers. The movie function does a nicer job than expected. The image quality seems to hold up well for a small unit. The Anti-shake feature requires that you select it. The face detection functions seem to work well enough. The camera also has some on-board editing and custom clip art features. It seems that the teenagers are thrilled to be able ...

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This is a very nice little camera. It has a brushed aluminum finish and appears to be built pretty well for a camera of this type. It is easy to use, the image quality is fine and the videos it takes are excellent. I'm not thrilled with the fact that the battery has to be charged in the camera. It seems to me that if you want to buy a spare battery you should be able to charge it while using the camera with the other battery. In all, though, an excellent value. Problems: None so far.

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