Samsung Digimax 430

Announced Feb 12, 2004 •
4 megapixels | 1.5 screen | 35 – 114 mm (3.3×)

Nice camera and easy, however quality of pictures suffer, and I would only recommend this camera for daylight pictures. It hasen't broken yet - so it's sustainable!! That's impressive - we're talking about me ;) Problems: Problems with the new SD/HD cards - the camera simply don't accept them, so if you need more than 32MB (enough for 40-50 pictures).. well I haven't found the solution yet.

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Samsung Digimax 430 (4100) is a great lightweight camera for the price and it is extremely easy to use. Advanced users might find it annoying that it’s not possible to set the ISO. Taking pictures in the dark is fair but I have seen better. I had a Sony DSP-71 before it got stolen. Great camera, but some times it had problems focusing in dim light. My digimax seems to handle this without any problems. The 4 MegaPixels makes it possible to print high quality pictures on a A4 size paper. I can ...

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Pros: Very cheap! Accepts SD/MMC or Memory Stick Duo Cons: Noisy images. Even more so in anything less than ideal lighting conditions. (READ: NOISE!!!!) Images from my 5 year old Fujifilm MX1500, 1.5megapix camera are crystal clear and sharp compared to the Digimax 430's in every condition/resolution/ISOspeed. Movable parts such as battery/media cover and usb port cover and flimsy. Packaged software below par. Zoom is not smooth. Major flaw is the Digimax 430's insatiable hunger for juice! ...

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