Samsung Digimax 230

Announced Feb 25, 2002 •
2 megapixels | 1.6 screen | 33 – 100 mm (3×)

This camera is a great camera for the price with some nice basic features. I bought this camera for an add on to the computer. ebay shots etc...This camera is no replacement for my 35 mm canon.I could of spent more money for a better digital camera but i didn't want exspensive outdated technolgy lying around.when a few more years go by I can get one better than the canon A80 for half the price.

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the modes has stopped working after 4 months and lcd moniter shows a totally diff menu Problems: i am from india and i got it as a gift from my uncle who lives in germany who bought this camera there but after fours months the modes are not working at all when i got the camera and inserted the cf card it wouldnt format it and then after much trying it did and it consumes a lot of battery and plus it takes such a long time to take a photograph ..i took few picutres during our ...

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I bought this camera for £164 from Makro after comparing features with cameras in the 2meg pixel, zoom lens class. The value swayed me first, but reviews on the competitors helped. I have not been disappointed with the results. 1600 x 1200 is best to use for quality and both indoor and outdoor pictures are ok. Focus is fine in good light, but but takes longer when illumination levels fall. Like the other reviewer, I dislike the flash that defaults to redeye when you switch on. I have ...

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Mac McGuire

I bought this camera for £135+VAT and was pleasantly surprised by the results obtained. I chose this camera because of: a) excellent reviews posted on other sites b) the price c) I wanted to get into the digital revolution without breaking the bank The picture quality and colour rendition of this camera are excellent - I can easily reproduce 10"x8" photographs onto photo-glossy paper which are almost indistinguishable from those produced on my 35mm Minolta, and I can see the results straight ...

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