Samsung Digimax A55W

Announced Jun 2, 2005 •
5 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 28 – 135 mm (4.8×)
Ozan Erkal

useful for wide end, funnily affordable.. i got it for around USD170, (not icl. batteries or SD card).. here in Turkey cameras are around twice their price in the US so it was a really funny price, and the 28mm equivalent wide angle was the real reason i got it.. like to have it always with me with its compact size.. Problems: have been using it for over 6 months and once it was broken (wouldn't operate in any way) and was repaired.. every now and then it locks itself time to time.. poor ...

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I would only recommend this camera for the wide angle capability and low price. The large display is nice, but drains battery. Very fast battery drain, very poor lowlight focusing, and flash washout are significant. All functions are very slow. I would recommend spending more and getting a better product. Problems: There is no socket to connect this camera to a power supply. Battery only. Since the AA's drain so quickly it can be hard to do USB download. The flash washes out images and ...

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This is a solid little camera with lots of features. It fits in my cell phone holster! Big colorful screen, with easy to reach controls. Snap shut lens cover if you need to slide it into your pocket, but the view screen is still exposed. Pictures are sharp, least amount of noise of any camera I have had. I like the video feature, but have had some sync problems with the voice. Outdoor photos are very nice. Impressed with video quality and compression, you get 33:34 minutes on a 512meg SD ...

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