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Established: 1938
Country: South Korea
First digital camera: Kenox SSC-350N, 1996
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Samsung Electronics, the world’s largest technology company, has over the last few years made great strides in shedding its reputation for ‘pile em high, sell em cheap’ digital cameras that sold well (thanks to the excellent price/spec balance) but rarely impressed in use. The latest generation of compacts has taken Samung a notch or two upmarket, and is the best yet; the company now offers some highly competitive models, with some genuinely unique features, in its huge (and sometimes confusing) lineup. Having apparently abandoned its ‘GX’ range of Pentax clone DSLRs Samsung has now launched a promising APS-C mirrorless system (NX).
With scores of cameras and an ever-changing lineup of overlapping models, Samsung offers everything from budget beginners to real high-end enthusiast compacts, and everything in-between. Styling and build are excellent.
Samsung offers a small range of rebanded Pentax lenses for its conventional DSLR system and a small, but growing selection of zooms and pancake prime lenses for its fledgling NX ‘hybrid’ camera system.
Samsung's range of printers is very small, comprises of two compact, dye-sublimation models, both of which are aimed at consumers that want hassle-free 6x4in prints straight from their digital cameras.

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