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Established: 1917
Country: Japan
First digital camera: RDC-1, 1995
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Although perhaps better known for its office equipment than its cameras, Ricoh has in fact been producing cameras since 1936, during which time it has garnered a loyal hobbyist following, and was one of the early innovators in the digital camera market. By the 1990‘s the company had become well known for producing luxury enthusiast-level 35mm compacts with high quality optics. Today Ricoh offers a range of stylish enthsiast-level compacts (plus a couple of water/shock proof models) and the unique GXR system, which uses interchangeable lens/sensor units in place of the usual bayonet lenses.
Ricoh currently splits its modest selection of compacts into two distinct ranges. The CX models are pretty standard compact superzooms, the GX/GR models are firmly aimed at the photo enthusiast.

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