Ricoh GR Digital

Announced Sep 13, 2005 •
8 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 28 mm

Just picked up my GRD yesterday! Initial thoughts... I love the images, the 'grain' no JPG artifacts here! 1st main benefit, I bought mine because of a compromise between pocketability and quality. It's better than I thought, very intuitive controls. Good build materials, they've obviously built it to last more than the standard 2 years that Sony and co. seems to build for. 2nd main benefit to me is DNG, even comparing a JPG file and DNG of the same shot there's a world of difference (after a ...

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Paul Kirby

I bought the Gr D and a Leica D-lux 2 at the same time because I couldnt choose between them in the shop. The build quality of the GR is superb. It feels rock solid as opposed to the plastic feel of the d-lux 2. It is very pocketable and quick and easy to use. Noise levels are much lower than the D-lux 2 and 1600 is usable after a bit of noise ninja and looks good in black and white. Image quality is good with good colour balance and lens sharpness. However I decided to keep the d-lux 2 so ...

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Excellent pocketable compact design, about the size of an audio cassette box, very light, well put together all metal construction apart from the pop up flash which is plastic as is the battery compartment door. Great big bright LCD screen, firm positive feel buttons. The main mode/control dial has a lock so cannot be accidentally moved, excellent 'adj' control wheel under your thumb which can be pressed and/or rotated to access menus, and a front control dial for aperture or other ...

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Ib Bentzen

I'm obsessed with high quality compact cameras with single focal length (non-zoom) optics, and finally a camera manufacturer has carried such a camera over from silver to sand *) sensor technology. Kudos to Ricoh for being a pioneer in this niche of the digital camera business. *) "silver" = silver-halide film. "sand" = silicon imaging chip. The Ricoh GRD is targeted at the advanced photographer. It has a beautiful body fitted with excellent optics, f2.4, 28mm focal length equivalent, good ...

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