Ricoh GR Digital

Announced Sep 13, 2005 •
8 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 28 mm
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I have bought a used GR Digital, and am trying to learn its details.  When I press in the Adjust/ISO lever, I see four choices:Quality/size, aspect ratio, AF/MF, and Exposure mode. But the manual leads me to believe there should be five.  And in the menu system, I see five are set: 1=ISO, 2= Picture Size, 3=Aspect ratio, 4=focus, 5= Expo. metering.  Can someone explain this?
Hi, It's been a while that I posted my first thread about getting my first dslr-like camera. I bought my Nex-6, and I'm quite happy with it. My only concern is that sometimes the camera doesn't seem to work as intended... I don't know if it's normal or it's an issue, but I began to think that my copy has a sensor problem (I bought 2nd hand from ebay). Sometimes when I half press the shutter the image in the viewfinder and on lcd, for a fraction of a second seems well balanced and lit, then...
By: Len_Gee (Feb 17, 2015)
Posted to: Ricoh Talk
GR owners, How common is this problem in the GR? Out of box dust in lens? Or dust entering the camera with use? Does it affect your picture? Ie. are the dust spots visible in the picture? Best ways to prevent dust? Always keep filter on lens? Always keep camera in case/pouch? Clone out in post? All of the above? Other? If you do/have had dust in your lens does/did it bother you? Or nothing to be concerned about? If there is a problem with dust in the lens, how responsive to repair is the...
Hi All I currently use a Fuji X100 & a Ricoh GR1-s for my photography but now want to add a small, compact digital camera I can pocket daily & shoot street stuff with. It would only be jpeg and predominantly B&W, maybe with some color intermittently. Ohh and I only want to spend $200 max. After a little research & reading, I've decided to go with the original Ricoh GR Digital as I've seen (& read everywhere about) it's B&W images straight out of the camera are nice. What are the disadvantages...
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