Ricoh G700SE

Announced Oct 13, 2010 •
12 megapixels | 3 screen | 28 – 140 mm (5×)

This review is based both on price point and camera function.  The overall price of this camera suggests that you are purchasing a bullet proof system to document photos, gps coordinates with the ability to transfer this information seemlessly using either Bluetooth or Wifi (if equipped) capabilities.  THIS IS NOT THE CASE.  I have not found the Bluetooth or Wifi functions to work with any computer equipment thus far.  It is a wasted feature that simply does not function without buying ...

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Short review of the Ricoh G700. Firmware used for most of the time have been 1.12 and 1.09 before that. Full size sample images can be seen in my gallery here at Dpreview. I've had the G700 for some months now but are not using it much anymore. While the size is smaller I find that I like the faster aperture and lower NR in the Ricoh Caplio 500SE better. The G700 of course have a clear edge for video recording in HD but unfortunately these are being smudged partly as can be seen in my video ...

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