Ricoh Caplio G3

Announced Feb 13, 2003 •
3 megapixels | 1.6 screen | 35 – 105 mm (3×)
Karel Osten

This is a flawed camera. I have used my G3 model S for the past few months, and have been disappointed by its image quality, particularly as it has some very useful and interesting features. The magnesium alloy body is a significant improvement over the plastic base model, and feels good to handle. It slips easily in a pocket. I find the layout clean and uncluttered compared to other compact digicams. I like the arrangement of the mode selector dial, although I occasionally turn the camera ...

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Brian Lopez

My wife's parents just returned from a holiday in Europe so I was interested to see the results from this camera. My impressions are that the pictures are not especially vibrant in colour. The camera also seems to have problems focussing in medium and low-light -- a number of shots were blurry when they should not have been. There doesn't seem to be one "general" automatic mode which will take a reasonable shot in most conditions. Instead you must choose from several nice scene settings, ...

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How disappointed am I with the G3? Very. I've just returned from 3 weeks in Peru, for which I bought this camera especially, and it was a disaster. Instead of hundreds of fantastic photos of Machu Picchu, Nazca Lines and Amazonian jungle, I have nothing. Fortunately my mate took his camera so I have some good photos, but its not the same as having your own. Initially I was sold on the G3's features, value for money and some good reviews in the camera press. However, as a first-time digital ...

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